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Look, I know you may have heard it's hard and risky to start a woodworking business. You've probably been searching for the right answer for a while and coming up short.
Maybe you've heard the horror story after horror story of hobbyists who gave woodworking full-time a shot only to come-up empty-handed and broke.
Well, although no one can take the risk out of it for you completely, there is a simple, proven way you can start a woodworking business that gives you the greatest advantage for becoming a huge success.
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My name is Ed McDonough, and in 2002 after working in the Information Technology field in Corporate America for over 25 years, I walked away from a hefty six figure income and started a profitable woodworking business from scratch.
Working out of a 475 square foot shop in the basement of my home, I went from having ZERO sales to turning a great profit in just five months. That's right… Five Months!
What was the secret to my fast rate of success?
In one sentence: I planned for success in advance.
That's it. That's all it took.
You see, two months before I actually "opened the doors for business", I sat at my kitchen table and began planning my business out on paper.
I have to tell you, at first it was a major struggle because I didn't have anything to follow or anyone to guide me. But, a few days later I was talking about it to a friend and they told me I should put together a Business Plan.
Frankly, I acted like I knew what they were talking about, but in realty I didn't have a clue. So, I went online, and after days of research and sifting through countless bits of information, I found some help.
"Planning Really Is Everything...
When You Need To Get It Right The First Time!"
As a fellow woodworker, I don't have to tell you how import planning is to building a successful project. You know the old proverb: Measure Twice, Cut Once.
Well, starting your woodworking business is no different.
For me, I had just one shot and getting this business started and profitable, otherwise I was going back to the ugly corporate life.
So, I persisted in my research and eventually I found a plan, along with someone I could hire to help me, and the rest is history.
I launched my business and it was a huge success right from the get go!
"The good news is... it's going to be a lot easier for you!"
I'd like to show you my "Insider Secrets" if you will on how to start a woodworking business the right way - and the fun way - and how to actually make money doing it!
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Ed McDonough