Start Your Own Woodworking Business

choosing a business name

Choosing the coolest Business Name

A deep look at all the things you should consider before naming your new woodworking business.

business ideas

How to research Business Ideas

We show you a couple of good methods you should use when researching all your business ideas

woodworking course

Free course on starting your own woodworking business

A detailed course on all the things you might need to know about if you are starting a new woodworking business.

Which is the most profitable woodworking business?

I go into all the factors that might affect the profitability of your workshop products and show you what to look for when chasing profits.

Watch me research a business idea in detail

I look at the viability of YOUR woodworking business ideas and show you – down to the last full stop – how viable that idea is. I will be adding new researched niche ideas all the time.

See the woodworking blog for all related things

This will be the normal blog area where I show you tips and tricks, where I rant and review. I will keep you updated on online marketing too – Everything that might affect your woodworking business.

This is the everything-else section.


Get all the help you need to start your woodworking business

Hi there. I am here to offer you a lot of set-up tips and then marketing tips for your woodworking business.